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New app "Safe Call List" released.
Our online store is open, you can purchase the Extreme Call Blocker Droid with your paypal or Google check out account at our online store.
New app aPhoneLog released. 
Extreme Call Blocker V17.0 released, contains step by step setup instruction.
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Working together with our partner company AZSoft Technology Corp. in Taiwan, we are focusing on Android application development, publishing,  consulting and education, and conducting study on Android platform implementation. We believe the open source open market model is the future of software development, and the platform that combines Internet, GPS and Intelligence sensors together with traditional phone functions is the future of any man-machine-interaction system.


The advantages an individual developer or a small group of developers have in the open market will attract more and more developers into it, the ideas and intelligence gathered in the Market will be so large that the large software development company simply can't keep up and compete. Low cost, quick feature turn around, close customer relationship and support, and low risk, this will drive the companies that still follow stiff project development process out of the market and into history very soon.

The new application development model is providing all developers an equal opportunity, take it or leave it, it is all up to you.

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Extreme Call Blocker

Developed by GreyThinker (AZSoft US). Complete call and text message blocking and privacy solution.

10,000 - 50,000 downloads at $5.99 each.
Available for Paypal purchase, email for detail.


Developed by Sam Lu (AZSoft Taiwan), tracks application updates.

One of the oldest Android apps, published by Sam Lu when Google didn't even track app updates.

 Copy Right Reserved AZSoft US Technology LLC.