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General Questions

What is the best way to get support?

Emailing us is the best way to get support, we carry Android phones so can reply emails on the move. Feedbacks on the Android Market are always appreicated, but questions left on the Android Market might not get answered because we have no way to contact you.

I paid for the app but it doesn't download, stuck in authorization?

The download and purchase process is entirely controlled by Google, we have no access to it nor can we do anything when you are still in the purchasing process. We can only help after the app has been installed on your phone, if you have problem before the app is installed, please visit Google's help forum. Check your email also see if Google has emailed you about any error and how to correct it.

I paid for the app but I changed the phone, how do I move the app to the new phone?

As long as you are using the same Gmail on the new phone, you can download all your paid apps for free, all your Google play store purchases are tied to your Gmail, not to the phone. If you change Gmail, you will lose those apps. 

Do you make the same app for iPhone or Blackberry?

No, we don't.

I left a question on the Andriod Market, and haven't received any response?

Questions/feedbacks left on the Android Market are anonymous, we don't know who left those and how to contact you. If you have a question about an app, please email us.

Can you remove your app from the Download section?

No, we can't. Download section is part of the Market app and is controlled by Google, we can't change anything in the Download list.

Do you have phone support?

No, we don't have phone support, email us so we have your question on record, this will help the follow ups and other users who might have the same question.

Can you help me with the app purchase and download?

Our technical help usually starts after you have the app downloaded and installed, because we don't participate in the selling process. However, if you have trouble purchasing the app from Google's play store, we can give you an alternative way to purchase, for example, via Paypal.

Call Blocker and Private Text Message 


What app(s) doesn't work well with Call Blocker?

Any task killer installed on your phone will eventually kill the blocking service, especially if your phone is running low on resources. Other apps we have identified that will interfere with Extreme Call Blocker are: Handcent, GoSms, Lookout, and Super Security. In general, any app that tries to intercept text messages or interfere with the phone’s task management will interfere with the Extreme Call Blocker app.

Has Extreme Call Blocker been tested on all Android phone models?

We've tested Extreme Call Blocker on phones that have relatively stable systems, including most Samsung, HTC, Motorola, and Google Nexus phones. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to test every Android phone -- there are just too many on the market. We've seen incompatibilities with some LG, Huawei, and ZTE phones; email us if you use any of these phones and are having problems. We'll try to find a solution. If we can’t fix it, we’ll refund your money

Why has Extreme Call Blocker stopped working after my phone's operating system update?

Most apps have different versions for different Android versions; the Google Play store will automatically pick the right version of the app for your phone. So it's very important that you reinstall Extreme Call Blocker after your phone updates its operating system.

How come Extreme Call Blocker has stopped working after an app update?

Each update has been tested before release, so it is very unlikely that an update would break the blocking function completely. The most common case is that the blocking service has been killed during the update. It is always good to reboot your phone after a software update.

I hide my call blocker app now I can't update

On some phones, if the app is hidden, the update won't go through, you'll need to unhide the app to update. If you have already updated and app won't open, you will need to uninstall then reinstall the app. 


How can I mute the ring before the call is blocked?

For most phones, you needn't worry about muting because Extreme Call Blocker makes the decision whether the incoming number should be blocked before the ringtone plays. In the rare event that your phone's performance is slow, then you may hear a short ring before the call is blocked. In that case, you can go to setting, ringtone selections, and download one of the modified ring tones, those ring tones have the first ring muted.

Can I blocked a call from being connected?

Unfortunately, no. There are no apps that can block a call from being connected. Instead, calls are first connected and then Extreme Call Blocker disconnects the call. Only your service provider can block a call from being connected.

How do I backup and restore my data?

Go to the first page of Extreme Call Blocker, slide up the tool box, and you will see the backup/restore option. You can back up to your SD card or to your free DropBox account. 

How do I reset my password?

The only way to reset the password is to reinstall Extreme Call Blocker. We don't keep your password for security reasons. Before reinstalling the app, it's best to backup all your data and restore it afterwards.

Why isn't the call blocked when I'm on another call?

There is only one call process on the phone, if you are on a call when a should-be-blocked call comes, if we block it, your on-going call will be terminated as well. We believe it is a better choice not to block it in this case, to make sure your active call is not interrupted.

Does private sms works with Handcent?

No, private sms and Handcent will race for the message, and depends on who gets it first, you might or might not see the message in Handcent. A work-around solution is to add the number also to Handcent's blacklist.

My Blocker was working fine, now it stopped working?

The most common case is that Extreme Call Blocker has been killed. If you have a task killer or task management app installed, try removing it and restarting the Extreme Call Blocker. In most cases the problem will be fixed. If not, email us by sliding up the tool box on Extreme Call Blocker and clicking the Email Dev icon.

I have the call blocker in the exclude list in task killer, will it still gets killed?

Yes. Adding Extreme Call Blocker to the exclude list won't prevent the background blocking service from being killed by the task killer. A task killer will disable a service without warning -- and won't restart it. Android systems have a much safer cleaning mechanism and will automatically restart the service. You do NOT need a task killer on your phone. 
Why can't the caller hear the pretender sound track?
The pretender sound track plays like background noise -- if your phone's microphone and speaker phone are too far away from each other, or your phone has a noise cancelling feature, then the caller won't hear the pretender soundtrack.
What is the difference between invisible and regular version?

Invisible version has fake icons. Everything else is identical between the two versions.
Can I block all numbers under the same caller id?

Yes, when adding a number to the black list, enable the option "block all numbers under this caller id".
Can I block all calls?
Yes, you can. Go to "Settings" and enable "Block All Calls." Just remember that unless you've checked White List Contacts (in "Settings," "Call Blocking Setup"), calls listed in your Contacts will also be blocked.
Can I setup auto response to blocked SMS?

Yes, go to "Application Configuration" and setup your auto response message.
Can you prevent the call or sms from showing up in my phone bill?

No we can't. (If we could, we'd be rich!) Nobody can change the phone bill -- except your service provider.
Why does the blocker answer but don't hangup?

There are a few reasons, the most common reason is that the "answer delay" and "hang up delay" is not properly set. If "hang up delay" is set to 0 or if "answer delay" is longer than "hang up delay", blocked calls might be answered but not hang up on. Adjust those delays should fix your problem, they are under "Setting" -> "Call blocking setup". Email us if you need help.
Does private SMS works on MMS?

Not yet,we are working on it.
Other call blocking apps have long lists of blocked numbers. How come Extreme Call Blocker doesn't have built-in blocked number list?

Simple -- it's not necessary. The sophisticated technology built into Extreme Call Blocker just blocks unwanted calls! There are other reasons why we don't use blocking lists: Lists use more of your phone's memory and resources, and increases the size of the app. 
There's also the potential for abuse because legitimate phone numbers can be added to the online user community list. Most important, we don’t want to mandate which numbers should be blocked. With Extreme Call Blocker, the user has the maximum flexibility to decide which numbers to block and how to block them.

This FAQ page is created by GreyThinker, and Revised by Steve Bass, one of our fantastic app users.

 Copy Right Reserved AZSoft US Technology LLC.