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 Safe Call List
  • Sound the ring for safe listed numbers even when phone is muted
  • Safely mute the phone without worry about missing important calls
  • 1-click to safe list all contact numbers
  • 1-click to safe list all numbers under the same caller id
  • Support wildcard symbols, safe list an entire area code with one number
  • Enjoy peace and enjoy your phone even more.

 Auto Call/Txt Responder
  • Automatically answer your calls and messages when you are away
  • Flip phone to turn on/off
  • Use Widget to turn on/off
  • Flip phone to mute calls
  • Support customized response message for each number or a group of numbers
  • Provide extra call  handling options, send to voice mail, auto answer or hangup.
  • Support rules for different situations, and each rule can have its own number list to which the rule will be applied
  • Each rule can be triggered based on your calendar schedule, or simply put the phone face down.
  • A great tool for business




Profile Call Blocker

  • A more flexible way in blocking calls and text messages
  • Build different profiles for different scenarios
  • Each profile contains it own number list
  • Each profile can have separate actions for SMS and calls
  • SMS can be erased, saved or hidden
  • Calls can be sent to voice mail, or simply hangup on
  • Profiles can be triggered based on your calendar schedule


aPhoneLog - Advanced phone activity log

  • Log and analyze data usage over WiFi or Cellular network.
  • Display real time data usage using dynamic chart.
  • Log and analyze call activity, provide detail, summary and charts.
  • Log and analyze sms/mms activity, provide detail, summary and charts.
  • Provide options to sort, filter, display top caller.
  • Provide single user summary with ranking.



Birthday Tracker - Never forget a birthday again

  • Chronological list of friends in order of days to birthday.
  • Include friends' information directly from contact list.
  • Quickly call/email/text friends within the app
  • Quick touch to edit friend's information.
  • Birthday reminder in the notification bar.
  • Home screen widget reminds you whose birthday is coming up next.


Extreme Call Blocker Stealth

  • Complete call and text message blocking solution, with private sms mail box built in.
  • Block anonymous/private/unknown/blacklist calls and SMS.
  • Schedule on Google calendar to decide when to block.
  • Hide private number calls from call log.
  • Store private SMS in hidden mail box to ensure privacy.
  • Remotely clear private messages on lost phones.
  • Secret password to clear the mail box when forced to open.
  • Download User Manual.
  • Download Popup Calculator app here.


Auto Task

  • Control phone mute, auto respond to phone calls with SMS and more according to your Calendar schedule.
  • Create your own profiles & define actions.
  • Include profile keyword in Calendar and all actions in the profile will be handled automatically.
  • Support Google Calendar & Moto Corp, HTC, RoadSync, Moxier Exchange Calendars.
  • Watch our Demo Video.
  • Download User Manual.

Fox Secret Text Message

  • Concealed mail box hides text messages between private parties.
  • Erase all messages when forced to open.
  • Remotely clear all messages on lost phone.
  • Sneak up guard protect you against people who likes to sneak up on you.
  • Enable timer to delete message on receiver's phone, receiver must have this application installed as well.
  • Option to erase all messages whenever you exit the application.
  • Set timer to close the mail box automatically.
  • Watch Demo Video.

Track Me
  • Send device location, moving speed/direction, distance to destination,latitude/longitude,to pre-configured receiver phone number via text messages,
  • on regular time intervals or distance moved.
  • Password protected remote activation via text message.
  • Can start on boot

 Find Me

  • Find and control lost phone or love ones via text message. 
  • Send password protected SMS to the phone has this app.
  • Trigger report of its current address, moving direction every 5 minutes or 100 feet moved.
  • Disable incoming/outgoing calls.
  • Initiate a call to your phone and turn on speaker phone.
  • Play a loud soundtrack if the phone is nearby.
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Developers are great. Really worked with me to get this app running correctly on my device. A++ service ...

--- Justin
You can try but you won't find better support ...

--- MacDL
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Needs more user friendly instructions ...

--- Jerry
Would love to see it block picture messages ...
--- Beau

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